Southern Chesapeake Bay region, Virginia, United States of America
Knossos, Crete
Nepal or Tibet, 11th–12th century
Namikawa Yasuyuki
Paolo Uccello
Paris, 1868, Oil on canvas, 111 x 70 cm
25th Dynasty, Egypt
Tang Dynasty Horse from Henan Province, China


Henry VIII medal I

Gold, 5.2 cm diameter

Minted at London, this medal shows a bust of Henry VIII with inscriptions in Hebrew and Greek on the reverse. As a consequence of Henry VIII’s break with Rome, he claimed to be the ‘Supreme Head of the Church of England’. This medal by Henry Basse records the king’s full titles, in Latin on the obverse, surrounding his portrait, and in Greek and Hebrew on the reverse. This vivid and unusual portrait of the king may be compared with the image of him more generally broadcast by copies after Holbein.